1. PSD#116 for gifs by Whatphotoshop. Maybe you have to adjust some layers. Please like or reblog if you download! Don’t redistribute or claim as your own,Thank you and ENJOY!{dl}

  2. hawkeyehelps:

    Race, Ethnicity, and Families

    I am not an expert on most of the things I write guides about, but my information either comes from my own experience, or from a ton of research (and no, Wikipedia is not real research). Like everyone else, I can make mistakes, so if I ever get something wrong, please let me know.

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  3. andlionheart:



    *If there are any problems with the theme, please let me know. 
    *Sidebar Background Image: 250px wide, suggested height: 650px+;
    *Option to add 5 additional links.
    *Option to add background image.
    *DO NOT remove the credit and please keep it in the same place.
    *DO NOT copy the theme and claim as your own, or use as a base theme. 
    *Small edits are allowed.  
    *Any questions can be asked at andlionheart.tumblr.com. 
    *To reset default colours; copy and paste the theme code, click save, and reload the page. If this does not work, please contact me. 
    *Hides source links
    *Please LIKE/REBLOG if you are going to use this theme.  

  4. gifshq:


    Under this cut you can find #204 HQ gifs of MATT HEALY. None of these gifs are mine so full credit goes to the owners of those gifs. Make sure you like/reblog if you used or saved this gif hunt.


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  5. clarascapaldis:

    All In One Page (version two) by clarascapaldis/elisionthemes


    • four tabs: about, links, faq + ask, blogroll
    • 100px image in about tab
    • home, dash, ask + two links at the top
    • optional background image

    STANDARD RULES APPLY. please like/reblog if using!

    Check out themevillage for more cool themes!

  6. leepacehelps:

    What if you take your RP and set in in New Zealand? Sounds good right? Here’s a little help on how to do that.

    Now I’m not an expert in locations around NZ but considering I’ve lived here for 10 years, safe to say I know a thing or two. 

    Let’s begin shall we? Welcome to the GMT+12!

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  7. clevergirlhelps:

    This is a post about adopting children: how to adopt foreign and domestically, how children can be put up for adoption, and what children are eligible for adoption.

    This post only applies to people adopting from the United States. My main source was childwelfare.gov, which is an invaluable resource if you want to know more about adoption in the US. I strongly encourage you to poke around the site itself.

    I am not a lawyer or an expert in adoption. If you have any further questions, I suggest doing your own research or finding someone with a stronger legal background or someone who has experience with the adoption system.

    Please contact if you have anything to add or correct.

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  8. ohmyklaus:

    Theme #10 by ohmyklaus


    and if you don’t want the shadows
    DOWNLOAD < without them

    Do not remove the credit!
    Do not repost and claim as your own! 
    Send me a message if you have any problems or questions.
    Like this post when using, please.

  9. anicawrites:

    Character PSD - anicawrites

    Here is a character psd I originally made for a character of mine (Fiona Lewis) anyhow if you would like to use it, please like or reblog this post. Do not steal/claim as your own as I have put a lot of effort into this. Feel free to change it up a little, add a background or something! The fonts used are Times New Roman and Mustang - DL

  10. What do you think has been overdone with harry potter marauders and next generation rps?

    I suggest you ask acciorpc because I honestly don’t pay attention to the HP RP world, particularly their plots, since I’m not in the fandom.

  11. nataliedormerofrps:

    001. Pacific Rim - Pan Pacific Defense Corps (Character PSD)


    This is my first character PSD so I’m sorry if this gets really confusing.

    • The job title, Name, and the information next to each category (No., Class, etc.) can all be changed.
    • I took the numbers and PPDC lettering from scanned images of the PPDC ID Badges so I don’t know what fonts those would be, I’m sorry. :(
    • I did my best to label everything accordingly in the PSD; the “ID back” folder can be left as is unless you wanted to add something more to it.
    • The text for the “JOB” and and the category info is all in the folder labeled “text” with a subfolder labeled “your info” so you know where that all is. The font I used was Avenir at size 8px and set it to heavy. It’s all in two text layers (one for the left side and one for the right side) and I hit return/enter once to start a new row of text.
    • Don’t forget to save it as a .png file because the corners are on an invisible layer (or you can probably save it as a .jpg file too and let them turn white).
    • You may need to adjust the alignments when you enter your own text for the “job” and “name” but I leave that up to you where you want it to be positioned.

    If you have any questions feel free to message me. While no credit is necessary to use it, I’d appreciate a like/reblog if you do. Thank you!

  12. swiftofrph:


    This is my thirteenth graphic ‘Sasha’ thirteen is one of my favourite numbers and if you’re a swifty you’ll know why but I wanted to make something pretty and I’ve been really into non-gradients lately so I thought why not? Sasha Pieterse was the centre of this graphics attention because one of my best friends hayleyxorps played her in the roleplay I was in and I wanted to dedicate to her and her character arabellamercer

    • The fonts used are ‘Optimus Princeps’ and ‘ES Beautiful
    • The dimensions are 500x270
    • There is no gradient or PSD on this except on the rectangles behind the png’s but can be adjusted if needed
    • Basic knowledge on how to use ‘clipping masks’ and how to ‘pixalate’ are needed If you don’t know how message me and I can help you! 
    • Also with the png and overlapping of the line, rubbing out what goes over the line can help achieve the effect I had in the graphic.
    • Everything is also in neat little folders so it’s not all over the place for you!
    • None of the gifs, pictures or PNG’s used are mine so credits to the original owners. If they are your creations let me know and I’ll credit you.
    • Please do not not steal or claim it as your own this counts as reposts. You are of course allowed to edit it for your own personal use.  
    • Please credit me if you use this PSD and Like and/or Reblog if you’re using it. It would be a great appreciation to me also I’d be happy to answer any questions about it.
  13. mclahei:

    ♔ Theme #35 - Oblivion

    • 250px posts
    • No sidebar image
    • Redux theme
    • Four customizable links
    • Come to me if you need any help
    • Please like/reblog this post if using ♥
  14. prettyofrpt:

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I present my fourth character graphic. Although, I made this as a character graphic you can use it as a mood board or something similar. Everything is pretty customizable and you should be able to maneuver your way through the layers and such. The font used is Montserrat. Please don’t steal this, because I worked quite hard on it.

    Also, a special thank you to my girl Mia (a.k.a. benzofrps) for letting me know that it actually is good. Without her I wouldn’t have posted it because it’s quite different.