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    Having experienced this, I’d love to give you some pointers since I’ve not seen a guide on ingesting marijuana orally.

    1. Take into account the size of the brownie/cookie. I had a brownie about the size of a brick, so the effects were extremely strong and actually lasted over 24 hours. A smaller brownie might last anywhere from 4-12 hours.
    2. It tastes terrible. All kinds of brownies/cookies I’ve encountered and that I’ve heard of people encountering are extremely dry and taste strongly of the drug. It’s not likely that someone can eat one by accident unless they are under heavy influence of some other drug/alcohol, despite what you might hear or witness from movies/TV.
    3. It makes you incredibly lethargic, heightens your senses, and slows your thoughts down tremendously. I remember sitting on the sofa for what seemed like hours, but only about 20 minutes had passed.
    4. It can have serious side effects that can turn bad very fast. I have a history of mental illness, but I’ve heard of this happening to those who don’t, too: I heard voices and had hallucinations. Again, this may have been from the amount I ingested. But I became very paranoid and thought everyone was making fun of me.
    5. It can cause memory loss. I hardly remember much of my experience besides certain highlights.
    6. It can cause a loss of concentration. I remember staring into space for a very long time. I actually had a meeting with my biology professor the next day and remember just staring at him, unsure of what to say, for again, what seemed like a long time. I’ll never know how long I stared at him.
    7. It will probably cause restless sleep, even after the drug wears off. I remember not being able to sleep for a few night after, despite being extremely tired.
    8. The food could include more than cannabis. I believe mine was laced with something due to the awful side effects. It can be laced with anything from PCP to MDMA, to a combination of any number of others.
    9. It affects everyone differently. This was only my experience. Someone a different size that ingests a different amount, or even someone a similar size to me and that ingests the same amount, can have different effects.

    I recommend doing further research by looking at a few Erowid experiences, which can provide some variation from my own. Here are some more brownie experiences: 1234, & 5.

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